Day Trip To The Ourika Valley


1 day

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Day Trip To The Ourika Valley – 1 day:

Day trip to the Ourika Valley. Escape the hustle of Marrakech and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the Ourika Valley on this enlightening journey. Delve into rural life and uncover Morocco’s hidden gems amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the High Atlas Mountains. Embark on guided treks, marvel at cascading waterfalls, indulge in traditional mint tea and tagine dishes, and explore local saffron farms and the enchanting Andre Heller Anima Garden. Experience the beauty and authenticity of Berber culture firsthand in this unforgettable exploration through the Ourika Valley.

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  • Transportation (4×4 SUV or minibus with air-conditioning)
  • English-speaking driver/guide
  • Flights
  • Lunches
  • Drinks
  • Admittance fees (for optional attractions such as museums and mosques)

Tour Plan

Go on a captivating day trip from Marrakech to the picturesque Ourika Valley, a journey that unfolds against the backdrop of the majestic Atlas Mountains. As you leave Marrakech behind, the vibrant cityscape gives way to the serene landscapes of the valley. The scenic drive introduces you to the lush greenery, terraced fields, and traditional Berber villages nestled amidst the verdant hills. Upon arrival in the Ourika Valley, the day invites you to explore the vibrant local market, where a kaleidoscope of colors showcases the richness of Berber culture. Stroll through the stalls adorned with traditional crafts, spices, and textiles, immersing yourself in the authentic atmosphere of the region. A highlight of the day is a visit to a local Argan oil cooperative, where you can witness the traditional extraction process of this precious oil known for its various culinary and cosmetic uses. Engage with local artisans and gain insights into the significance of Argan oil in Moroccan culture. After the cultural exploration, a scenic trek through the valley unveils breathtaking waterfalls and the soothing melody of the Ourika River. Nature enthusiasts may choose to ascend further for panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes, providing a perfect opportunity for photography and contemplation. Lunch in a traditional Berber house along the riverbank offers a culinary journey into the heart of Moroccan hospitality. Savor local specialties and enjoy the warm hospitality of your hosts, surrounded by the natural beauty of the valley. As the day draws to a close, relish the tranquility of the Ourika Valley, reflecting on the seamless fusion of culture, nature, and culinary delights that define this memorable day trip from Marrakech.

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